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Belt tracking devices.
Correct alignment issues and avoid the forces that can damage your belt.

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Belt Tracking

The widest range of conveyor belt tracking devices.

Our belt trackers use friction and tension to correct alignment issues, to avoid forces that can damage your belt.

There are a wide variety of root causes for belt movement: conveyor design; operating parameters; conditions; and belt type to name a few. It is often a combination of these causes that influence belt movement. Where belt movement cannot be engineered out, belt tracking devices including belt positioners, and trainers offer of a useful counter measure that can be installed relatively quickly. However each belt tracking device must be carefully selected to ensure it does not cause secondary effects that could negatively impact the belt and the operation of the conveyor.

As both an engineering and manufacturing business of all parts of the conveyor, Fenner is uniquely placed to advise and supply the right belt tracker for your application to ensure you prevent hazardous belt and structural damage.

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