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A strong belt splice relies on two factors: the skill of the operator; and the quality of the splicing materials.

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Splicing Materials

Quality splicing materials for conveyor belts

The belt splice is the weakest point in an operating conveyor belt. So the integrity of the splice is critical to minimising the risk of downtime. A strong belt splice relies on two, equally important factors: the skill of the operator; and the quality of the splicing materials being used.

As a leading belt manufacturer and belt splicing business, Fenner develops splicing materials for the Australian market that are tried and tested globally.

In order to maximise belt life and maximum splice adhesion, Fenner develops uncured cover rubber that is consistent with the existing belt cover properties. Our uncured inter-ply or skim rubber is designed for use on the 'steps' of the splice to rebuild the belt carcass to provide maximum adhesion in a cured splice.

Fenner cements and adhesives are proven to consistently return amongst the highest adhesion levels on hot splicing.

Get the best life out of your splice with Fenner’s range of splicing materials:

  • Skim Rubber
  • Cover Rubber
  • Rubber Solution
  • Solvent
  • Cold Repair Materials – cement, activator, primers and solvents

Contact us or your local Fenner branch and let us assist you with all of your conveyor belt repair and splicing materials.