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Low Rolling Resistant (LRR) belt cover compound.
You can count your cost savings from day one with Fenner’s PowerSaver™.

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Low rolling resistant rubber conveyor belt compound

Use less energy and significantly reduce your operating costs

PowerSaver™ is applied to the pulley (bottom) cover of the belt and minimises cover indentation on the pulley cover, enabling an easier flow over the idlers.

This reduced rolling resistance minimises energy loss due to friction and enables the conveyor to transport material using less energy - saving you money.

Available on both fabric and steel cord belts, and when combined with our range of high performance top cover compounds, results in a fit-for-purpose belt, designed specifically for your mine site. Advantages include:

  • Reduces energy consumption from day one;
  • Proven to reduce energy consumption by 19 % * as detailed in our PowerSaver™ client case study;
  • Even greater savings on conveyors greater than 1 km in length;
  • Reduces motor load on conveyor;
  • May lower the belt specification and capacity of motors required; and
  • Environmentally friendly.

* PowerSaver™ was independently tested at a customer’s iron ore facility in Western Australia. The site trial achieved an average energy saving of 10% on a 1km long stacking conveyor system. An even greater percentage saving is expected on fixed length (non-stacker) conveyors and greater than 1 km in length. See our case study below for the full story.

You can count your cost savings from day one with Fenner’s PowerSaver™.


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