UltraTuff Abrasion Resistant

Designed to thrive in the most aggressive environments.
Superior impact absorption with 700% elongation.

Tuff As

Tuff As is a fit-for-purpose compound that provides superior resistance against cut and gouge wear typically sustained in high impact applications.

Designed to thrive in the most aggressive environments.

The perfect solution to improve reliability, throughput and conveyor life ultimately reducing the maintenance cost. With the hybrid combination of our Tuff As™ compound and Fenner's patented straight warp weave (UsFlex®), premature failure of conveyor belting in primary feed applications will become a problem of the past:

  • It substantially reduces the possibility of cut and gouge damage sustained in high impact/ oversized material environments; and
  • The Tuff As compound has been specifically designed to absorb the energy of incoming feed preventing subsequent carcass damage and eventual premature removal of the conveyor belt.


Belt Cover Compounds