UltraTuff Abrasion Resistant

Abrasion resistant compound.
A cover compound that far exceeds the mandatory requirements for AS-A grade of 70 mm3 under AS1332.

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Next Generation ULTRA TUFF™

Your number one choice for the most abrasive environments!

Fenner's Next Generation of Ultra Tuff™ compound has exceptional abrasion resistance far exceeding the mandatory requirements for AS-A grade of 70mm3 under AS1332. This specialty cover developed by Fenner has more than proven its worth in the largest iron ore mines whereby one site achieved more than 20% reduction in belt wear and reduced change outs by 50%. This result had a dramatic effect on their costs and exposure to risk and as a result our client replaced all competitor belts with Ultra Tuff™ on their short cycle belts in their Port Facility - see our case study below.


Talk to a Fenner representative and see how much you could save with Ultra Tuff™.