RipMaster Crows Foot Weave

RipMaster® crows foot weave.
Your insurance policy for maximum protection against belt rip.

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RipMaster® Crows Foot Weave

Fenner RipMaster® Crows Foot Weave - your insurance policy providing maximum protection against belt rip.

With at least three times the tear strength of standard belts, our RipMaster® crows foot weave (CFW) fabric offers unmatched resistance to rips and tears.

Featuring a weave design that if penetrated will force the tear in a weft direction (across the belt) as opposed to straight along the belt thereby minimising damage. Rip resistance is achieved through the use of lighter warp threads to accommodate more, heavier, weft threads - achieving higher levels of internal rubber penetration.

It's a FACT: CFW resistance varies between manufacturers.

Are you getting ‘The Real Deal’?

Just weaving a fabric using the CFW pattern doesn’t result in significantly higher tear strength or resistance to ripping. It’s the right combination of yarn types and over 150 years’ experience manufacturing belt that makes the difference.

Our RipMaster® CFW fabric is that right combination – achieving performance that is often claimed by others, but never achieved.

AS Tear Propagation tests highlight the difference between imported competitor belts and Fenner’s Australian manufactured RipMaster® CFW. Fenner CFW achieves between 5.5 and 7.5 kN depending on specification. Other manufacturers' belts achieve consistently lower results - typically between 1.5 and 2.9 kN.

Combine with our high performance belt cover compounds

Apex RipMaster-M provides economical resistance and tearing with tough M Grade covers. Apex RipMaster-XCG gives extra protection with higher tensile strength and our unique eXtra Cut and Gouge (XCG) covers that provide a standout performance in applications where increased resistance to heavy impacts, abrasion and gouging is required. Our RipMaster® Range includes PN1000/3 - PN2500/5.

Contact us or your local Fenner branch for further information.

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