UsFlex Straight Warp Weave

It’s all about the fabric.
UsFlex® straight warp weave fabric - the best fabric carcass available for impact and tear situations.

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UsFlex® straight warp weave fabric by Fenner - it's all about the fabric.

The best carcass available for impact and tear situations

Our UsFlex® carcass has been engineered to provide incredibly high impact-resistance as well as industry leading resistance to rip and tear. UsFlex® belting has longitudinal rip resistance more than three times that of multiple-ply belts of equivalent rating due to our unique straight-warp construction. The straight laid yarns result in virtually no crimp. This results in a belt carcass with very low stretch compared to other fabric belts, making it suitable to replace some steel cord belts.

Go tougher – not thicker!

UsFlex® delivers improved flexibility over multiple ply belt. Flexibility is gained through yarn twist and this delivers outstanding troughing ability and permits the use of smaller pulley diameters.

Only Fenner have the specialised machinery and knowledge to produce this fabric. Available in single and dual ply construction up to ST2300.


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