Solid Woven

The name you can trust.
Our cover formulations, combined with our unique fabric design, make it unbeatable in its class.

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Solid Woven Conveyor Belt

Fenner Solid Woven –  the name you can trust

Fenner’s solid woven belting offers exceptional conveying performance at a highly economical rate. As you would expect from a company with 150 years of in-house manufacturing experience, our solid woven conveyor belts not only meet AS4606 fire resistance and anti-static requirements, but they are also tough enough to handle the difficult conditions encountered in underground mines.

Indeed, Fenner’s solid woven belting is designed primarily for underground coal mining applications and is particularly suited to longwall and traditional coal mine environments in Australia.

Unbeatable in its class

Solid does not just refer to the product; it is also its legacy. Thanks to our local and global research and development expertise, Fenner’s PVC woven belting has a solid reputation in the mining industry, as the covers and carcass formulations combined with our unique fabric designs make it unbeatable in its class.

Easy maintenance conveyor belts

Select a solid woven belt for a smooth, long wearing and easy cleaning cover that makes maintenance and belt cleaning a straightforward and manageable process. Furthermore, high plasticizer loadings ensure premature hardening and cracking of the conveyor belt covers will not occur, assuring you of a long trouble-free belt life.


Our Fenner solid woven range spans 4000 – 18000.
Australian Mines Approved range 5000 - 12000 (AS4606)

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