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We manufacture quality steel cord belts in Australia.
This allows us to support you better with faster delivery, cheaper transport, and no shipping delays.

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Steel Cord Rubber Conveyor Belt

Local manufacturing means better support.

Fenner manufactures rubber steel cord conveyor belts at our state-of-the-art $100 million facility located in Perth, Western Australia. We are proud to have the largest press and creel ever built by the manufacturer - 160 metres long.

Manufacturing belts in Australia allows us to support you better, because we can offer faster delivery, cheaper transport costs and less risk of transport delays that can affect local and overseas ports. Our high production output caters for urgent deliveries with lead times on steel cord belts as low as 14 to 28 days.

We are also strategically positioned to support the developing markets in Asia, Africa, India and South America as well as Europe.

Quality steel cord belts for mining and high capacity applications

Fenner’s steel cord belts are manufactured up to 3200 mm wide and up to 70 tonnes roll weight, the heaviest you will find in Australia. Our 150 years’ manufacturing experience and the most advanced steel cord manufacturing line in the world means we are also ideally placed to produce custom steel cord belts for specialist applications.

Our rubber steel cord belts are designed for mining and high capacity applications that experience high belt tensions. The combination of high strength belts and outstanding flexibility results in longer lasting belts.

After sales service and support

Fenner, with our extensive conveyor belt, equipment and accessories range, is unique in also offering an Australian service branch network with factory trained and accredited installation, maintenance and diagnostic teams. We assist our customers to minimise costly loss of production or unnecessary shut-downs and ensure maximum performance outcomes.

Please contact Fenner for further information.

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Steel cord belt packaging options:

Maximum roll weight: 70 tonnes
Maximum package size: 6.5 metres long x 4 metres high x 4 metres wide

  • Steel core
  • Steel core with lifting lugs
  • Steel core with lifting lugs and steel cradle
  • Full steel spider reel
  • Full steel spider reel with enclosed sides
  • Full steel round reel
  • Full steel Racetrack reels