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Belt handling equipment.
Specialist equipment to assist in removing or inserting a conveyor belt in your system.

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Belt Handling

Conveyor belt handling equipment

Fenner custom manufacture a range of specialist belt handling equipment to assist in removing or inserting conveyor belt in your system:

  • Belt winders and belt let off stands
  • Belt pullers and belt pinch drives
  • Belt flaking stations
  • Belt turning frames 
  • Pony drive systems
  • Belt clamps
  • Hauling winches

Belt reelers and winders for all applications

Designed to quickly and safely reel belt during belt retraction or installation and have capacities up to 90 tonnes in belt mass.

Our winders utilise either mechanical or electrical drives and can be designed for surface applications or underground. Mechanical belt winders are simple in operation, requiring manual control of hydraulic valves. Electric units provide extremely accurate tension and speed control during reeling. Reeling speed is fully adjustable to enable precise reeling of the belt.

Our specialist range of underground belt reeler designs are also capable of luffing and slewing as well as winding belt.

Custom designed specialist belt handling equipment

Hydraulic and mechanical belt clamps, turning frames and belt stands can all be custom designed by our engineering team to ensure your belt change out goes smoothly.

Fenner partners with Belle Banne Conveyor Services to supply specialised, large-scale belt handling equipment, including belt winders, turning frames and flaking stations

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Hire belt handling equipment

We also have a range of belt handling equipment for hire suitable for less complex belt change-outs.

Contact us or your local Fenner branch for more information.