Integrated Electrical Solutions

Seamlessly integrate with mechanical design.
We provide mechanical and electrical expertise within the one company.

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Integrated Electrical Solutions

Control Systems

Fenner Control System Engineers have many years of conveyor experience with all technologies including VSD, CST and fluid coupling systems. Having mechanical and electrical expertise within one company means that our equipment integrates seamlessly within both mechanical and electrical design requirements.

Our ACE™ PLC systems harmonise the operation of all conveyor equipment, while SCADA systems can be supplied to remotely view and operate the conveyor.

Control systems help your conveyors to run safely with minimal down time. They can deliver benefits not only to new systems but also to existing on-site equipment in terms of improved availability and fault finding.

Field Equipment, Signal Line and Lighting

Fenner can provide the complete conveyor solution with design, supply and integration of all electrical components including cables, field devices, signal line equipment and lighting. These time-consuming electrical tasks can be procured or manufactured, tested and supplied along with other electrical equipment to significantly reduce installation and commissioning time on site.

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