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Conveyor belts have the ability to spread a fire along the path of the conveyor and the consequences can be catastrophic. Fenner Dunlop Conveyor Belting offers a range of cover compounds which combine Fire Resistance and Anti-Static (FRAS) properties to ensure the safety of your personnel and operations.



  • Superior Fire Retardant and Anti-Static (FRAS) properties.
  • Designed for hazardous operating environments and potentially explosive atmospheres.
  • Ideal for heavy-duty, underground mining where the most stringent Australian Standards (AS4606) for conveyor belt are required.
  • Good resistance to Abrasion and Cover Wear.

Industry-leading conveyor belt compound for underground mining applications.


  • Good Fire Retardant and Anti-Static (FRAS) properties.
  • Compliant with ISO433 Standard.


  • Superior Fire Retardant and Anti-Static (FRAS) properties.
  • Ideal for light-duty applications.
  • Compliant with Australian Standards (AS1332).


FireBoss 200px

Brochure: FireBoss Cover Compound for Conveyor Belt

More reasons to choose FIREBOSS™ by Fenner Conveyors

Safety comes first

Putting in a conveyor belt that doesn’t ensure fire resistance and anti-static requirements could result in catastrophic outcomes.

Commitment to R&D

Over 80 years’ experience of certified performance conveyor belts. Specifically, the FireBoss compound is backed by over 30 years of product development, compliance and industry-recognised certification.

✅ Industry-leading adhesions

Rubber compounds tailored to match our conveyor belt fabric carcasses, weaved in-house.

✅ Consistency

No variability in carcass and cover composition.

✅ Fit-for-purpose solutions

We engineer and design belts for your system, with consideration to pulley diameters.

✅ Made in Australia

Local manufacturing secures supply and avoids hidden freight costs and extended lead-times.

✅ Splicing integrity

A commonly faced challenge when sourcing from overseas suppliers is the lack of access to fresh compounds to perform splicing maintenance. 
With in-house splice kit supply, Fenner Conveyors can increase freshness of materials, as well as ensure compatibility of conveyor belt with splice compounds.