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In some industries, the most common reason for having to repair or replace a belt is due to rip or impact damage rather than day-to-day wear. In more extreme conditions where heavy and sharp materials and/or large drop heights are involved, it is essential to have rubber covers that protect the carcass as much as possible against impact and rip tear.

For these kinds of conditions, we recommend the following cover compounds.


  • Designed to resist the most severe cut and gouge wear, sustained in high impact/oversized material environments.
  • Superior impact absorption with up to 700% elongation.
  • High hardness for exceptional toughness.
  • Exceeds Australian Standards.


  • A popular choice for high-impact material handling applications.
  • Good impact absorption and elongation.
  • Exceeds Australian Standards.


  • Enhanced M grade for abrasion applications.
  • Improved cut/gouge resistance.
  • Ozone Resistant option available.


  • Builds on cut/gouge resistance and abrasion resistance of N grade equivalent.
  • Meets Australian Standards AS1332 and AS1333.


  • Standard grade compound for cut-/gouge resistance.
  • Entry-level choice for typical aggregate handling.
  • Meets Australian Standards AS1332 and AS1333.

With the hybrid combination of the ArmorShield™ compound and Fenner Conveyors' patented straight warp weave (UsFlex®), premature failure of conveyor belting in primary feed applications will become a problem of the past.

Fenner Dunlop Conveyor Belting cut & gouge cover compounds work to absorb the energy of incoming feed, preventing subsequent carcass damage and eventual premature removal of the conveyor belt. The perfect solution to improve reliability, throughput and conveyor life ultimately reducing maintenance costs.

Ideal for hard and soft rock, and aggregates mining applications.


ArmorShield 200px

Brochure: ArmorShield Cover Compound for Conveyor Belt

CaseStudy ArmorShield SoftRock 200px

Case Study: ArmorShield in Soft Rock mining application

CaseStudy ArmorShield HardRock 200px

Case Study: ArmorShield in Hard Rock mining application

CaseStudy CoalPortOperation

Case Study: ArmorShield in Coal Port Operation

CaseStudy ArmorShield CementProcessing 200px

Case Study: ArmorShield in Cement Processing application