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Custom designed pulleys.
Your choice of bearings, manufacturing location, lagging and testing regime - these are just a few of the options we offer.

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Fenner engineered class pulleys

Manufactured by Fenner and custom designed to your individual requirements using sophisticated computer modelling based on the steady state and transient loads for the conveyor. Fenner is unique in our ability to offer such an extensive range of customisation options – delivering you a truly fit-for-purpose solution.

'Engineered Class' does not mean expensive - it means designed for you.

Your choice of bearings, manufacturing location and lead time, lagging, and testing regime are just a few of the cost-saving options we encourage you to consider.

Our extensive range of customisation options includes:

  • Liveshaft or deadshaft;
  • Drive or non-drive;
  • Flat or crowned;
  • Choice of local or international manufacturing location and lead times;
  • A complete range rubber or ceramic lagging options in FRAS or natural grade and hot or cold vulcanising;
  • Choice of bearing brand and sealing arrangement;
  • Service life guarantee;
  • FEA finite element analysis (recommended on high loaded pulleys); and
  • A range of testing options including: Ultrasonic Testing, Magnetic Particle, Dye Penetrant and Paint Dry Film Thickness Inspections.

Our list of standard inclusions is all but standard:

  • Comprehensive manufacturing and testing records, catalogued by individual serial number;
  • Static balancing;
  • Pulley bodies thermally stress relieved prior to machining; and
  • All materials meet our stringent internal quality requirements as well as industry standards.

Pulley Lagging

Applying the right lagging material is crucial to the performance and life of your conveyor belting and the reliability of your system. The Fenner network of service branches are ready to help you with all you lagging needs:

  • Expert customer service personnel to assist you with selecting the best lagging material;
  • Broad inventory of lagging materials to meet your requirements;
  • Immediate dispatch of lagging material, including emergency delivery by our own trucks if required; and
  • Safe, expert technicians and factory-trained installers help you minimise downtime and maximise the life of the lagging.

Lagging products available are:

  • Light Duty Natural and Neoprene (food grade) >6 mm;
  • Natural Rubber Lagging;
  • FRAS Rubber Lagging (MDA approved for use underground);
  • Plain Ceramic Lagging;
  • Dimpled Ceramic Lagging; and
  • Metal Backed Ceramic Lagging.

Pulley Testing

Our Team have the capability to test various pulleys across applications. Our Mackay facility houses the largest loaded pulley test bed on the East Coast. Designed to test against site VA standards, the Loaded Run Machine features PLC Variable wrap angle and loading to mimic site operations, and an infintely variable belt speed.

Where loaded testing is not required and a more economical option is desired, a standard run-test can be provided with thermal and VA testing, complete with third party report.

Pulley Services

In addition to the supply of new pulleys, we also offer Complete Pulley Management and a range of onsite and offsite pulley maintenance services.

Our Complete Pulley Management service includes: condition monitoring of existing running pulleys and management of rotatable spare pulleys, ensuring all areas are covered by spares, and changed out pulleys are returned to site fully refurbished, ready for service.

On-Site Conveyor Pulley services include: bearing replacement, blasting and re-lagging, and complete change out and replacement. We also offer an off-site Pulley Refurbishment service.

Fenner – for peace of mind

The most important thing is we will not compromise on quality. All our products are proven in the field and backed by Fenner’s reputation and warranty. With our nationwide branch network, as well as the support of our Australian Engineering team and manufacturing facilities, you can trust us to be wherever you need us.

Contact us or your local Fenner branch for more information.