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Turning Data into action, when it matters

DigitalHub Portal

Access conveyor performance data in real-time via the DigitalHub Portal. The user-friendly application can be easily accessed from your web browser, providing current and historical data for reliabilitity centered maintenance. 

Intelligent Planning

Up-to-date forecasts

Analyse and compare the latest predictions against scheduled dates.

Single source of truth

Avoid wasting time searching emails or documents for the latest report. DigitalHub provides all reports (latest & historical) at your fingertips

Extend component life

Track component condition to plan replacements and avoid delays

Real-Time Transparency

No delays with reports

Automate report processing and analysis; no off-site reporting required

Optimised repsonse times

Triage and response to faults before they cause major damage or prematurely fail

Lifecycle performance

Deliver statutory requirements by accessing historical results from one digital location

DigitalHub Mobile App

Capture field data on-the-go via your smartphone or tablet. Data recorded is sent directly to the DigitalHub Portal, enabling issues to be addressed before they cause major damage. 

Quality Inspections

Repeatable, efficient & thorough

Users are guided along the most efficient inspection route with pre-configured response options

Content rich results

Photos and comments are linked to inspection results. Component condition is clear because faults and replacements are time-stamped to the user

Immediate calls-to-action

Notifications are triggered to key site personnel, enabling a faster response to critical events

Historical data in once place

All inspection results are available from one digital location, providing greater accessibility and exceeding statutory requirements

Contact us or your local Fenner Conveyors branch for more information.