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Keeping an eye on the life of your belt

Fixed BeltGauge

24/7 autonomous scanning

Geared towards sites that operate 24/7, the fixed BeltGauge unit provides autonomous scanning with an enhanced level of belt changeout forecasting.

Cover thickess is scanned over the full length of the belt while running. This allows results to be obtained without stopping.

Mobile BeltGauge

Periodic scanning service

With a lightweight design, mobile BeltGauge can be setup almost anywhere along a conveyor and can be installed and adjusted with ease.

The design enables multiple conveyors to be scanned in a single shift, delivering an enhanced level of insight into conveyor performance across a site.

Intelligent Planning

Up-to-date forecasts

Both mobile and fixed data are available immediately

Immediate calls-to-action

If wear rate increases abnormally or the minimum cover thickness is reached, notifications are triggered immediately 

More than just cover thickness

Achieve a more holistic view of belt condition by combining data from both thickness testing and inspections

Reduce Total Cost-of-Ownership

Increase conveyor availability

Reduce unscheduled down-time as a result of unidentified faults impacting production

Optimise costs

Use BeltGauge data to track high performing conveyor belt

Assist Site Safety

Avoid working from heights

BeltGauge eliminates technicians from climbing onto belts to take thickness tests

Reduce exposure to hazards

Autonomous scanning from the fixed unit removes technicians from typical site and conveyor hazards

Reduce manual handling risks

Mobile BeltGauge is made from lightweight, 3D printed plastics

Reports into the DigitalHub Portal

Belt thickness data recorded by BeltGauge is reported into the DigitalHub portal, providing real-time transparency and allowing issues to be identified early.


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