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Conveyor Loop Take Ups

Modular designs for multi-layer storage

Our conveyor loop take ups (LTUs) are designed for the peak tensions experienced during starting or stopping of the conveyor. They provide the necessary T2 belt tension for the conveyor drive, plus belt storage for belt stretch or excess belt generated by the retreat of a longwall conveyor

Our versatile LTU designs can be fitted with either a fixed or gravity style winch, and storage can be increased by inserting additional storage standard modules. We offer two or multi-layer (up to six) storage designs which utilise multi-layer storage to reduce overall length of the LTU, while simultaneously maximising available belt storage capacity.

Technical Specifications

Typical specifications for a maingate LTU include:

  • Continuous Tension: 100kN belt tension
  • Peak Tension: 300kN belt tension
  • Loop Storage: 250m
  • Wire Rope: up to 6 layers of 24mm diameter

Each maingate storage unit offered is generally made up as follows:

  • A welded steel fixed carriage frame fitted with four deadshaft pulleys
  • A welded steel winch base frame fitted with the winch assembly and winch drum complete with the wire rope and termination hardware
  • A rolling pulley carriage frame fitted with four pulleys designed to travel the length of the LTU
  • Welded steel standard module frames, each 4.5m long, that are used to extend the length of the LTU
  • Flat return idlers for the lower strand of the LTU
  • Idler carriage assemblies for 'auto-feed' system
  • Chain latch system for positive idler carriage location


  • Designed for high tensions
  • Reliable belt storage
  • Convenient for belt extraction
  • Custom designed for challenging conveyor applications
  • Reliable belt tracking
  • Easy to maintain
  • Modular design options


ACE ConveyorGTU DetensioningWinch

Brochure: Conveyor Gravity Take Ups

Underground Loop Take-Up Transport Options

Our modular, lightweight system is designed for ease of transportation in convenient modules to minimise installation time. Depending on customer transport and installation requirements, our LTUs can be supplied as Section Modular, Pull-Apart or Partially Modular designs.

Modular LTU Design

We have found that many clients enjoy the benefits of a modular LTU design, due to the ease of transport and efficient installation. This design is typically more expensive to manufacture due to the extra legs required, however the pay-offs are realised during transportation and installation when compared to the pull-apart design.

Pull Apart LTU Design

ACE can supply the LTU in separate components through our pull-apart design. This requires full assembly underground, however can suit various client applications. Our team can offer a transportation trailer which allows the entire LTU to be transported underground in 3-4 trips.

Partially Modular

ACE have also designed and supplied a partially modular system which aims to achieve optimal cost vs transport/install benefits. This design uses transport cradles to take a full module and two connecting rails in one trip. This provides low-cost on manufacture, while halving the number of trips required underground. The cradle also allows installation without manual handling. 

LTU carriers were designed to suit our partially modular LTU. They allow the transport of a single welded LTU module, plus 2 additional rails required on the next install sequence. Pivoting arrangements are included to assist with the installation of the rails

Contact us or your local Fenner Conveyors branch for more information.

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