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Our starters, engineered by ACE, are fully customised to our clients’ requirements, ensuring a fit-for-purpose electrical solution. In-house design and manufacture also ensures full compatibility with mechanical equipment, providing cost-saving synergies and added reliability. These conveyor starters are able to enclose the ancillary equipment such as winches that can be installed in conveyor applications. Each client’s requirements are adapted to the starter design to allow for site preferences on items such as PLC’s, signal lines and protection relays.

Substation Starters

Variable Speed Drive (VSD) Starters

Our innovative VSD systems can be air or water cooled and have the ability to incorporate water cooled electric braking if desired. Water cooled VSD starters are a speciality of Fenner's ACE electrical division due to our alliance with ABB via the ABB Valued Partner Agreement.

CST and Fluid Coupling Starters

ACE have supplied and provided DOL Substation Starters for CST or Fluid Coupling applications incorporating the associated control system to ensure the reliable operation whether operating as a head or tripper application.


Ancillary Starters

Our starters provide the power and control to the ancillary items of the conveyor system and can operate independently or be integrated with existing equipment.

Our ancillary starters can be customised from the ground up to suit your specific needs, or you can choose one of our proprietary designs that have been tried and tested in the field.

  • Conveyor belt starters
  • Electric winch starters (eddy current, APW or VSD)
  • Belt maintenance systems (hydraulic or VSD)
  • Belt reeler starters
  • Magnet controllers
  • Brakes
  • Pumps


ACE are able to overhaul and upgrade existing starters to meet the latest Australian Standards, upgrade to new products along with adapting to a new drive technology.


ACE have the capacity to test substations at 11kV. The standard testing ACE undertakes includes full FAT inclusive of continuity, insulation resistance, compliance to drawings and design, torque testing and earthing resistance. Our system acceptance test include full communication testing of all enclosures, PLC IO confirmation by simulation, signal line testing, trip circuit testing and function testing inclusive of running a motor. The high voltage equipment undertakes primary injection, dielectric, trip circuit and full 11kV energisation testing.

ACE also have the ability to complete load tests on drive modules utilising the VSD substation starters with the cables, gearboxes and motors connected just as they will be in the field. Testing up to 1MW enables us to significantly reduce commissioning times for our clients by identifying any issues prior to despatch, so they can be rectified promptly.


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