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Conveyor Accessories

Spillage? Tracking Issues? No matter the problem, we have a solution.

Fenner Conveyors offer a range of proven conveyor accessories to optimise your system for added safety, increased asset life and performance. We offer supply only, or supply and installation of accessories for all makes of conveyor system.

Don’t know what you need? We will work with you to find a solution, and if required, custom manufacture an item that meets your needs. Fenner Conveyors' trained and qualified conveyor technicians can provide product support and are fully equipped and mobile to help you when you need us.

Belt Cleaners

Belt Fasteners

Belt Tracking

Conveyor Skirting

Conveyor Guarding

Belt Maintenance Equipment

Magnets & Metal Detectors

Belt Cleaners

Fenner Conveyors provides a full range of conveyor belt cleaners/scrapers, ploughs, and cleaner accessories to help you protect and maintain one of your most expensive assets – your conveyor belt.

Our range is designed specifically to reduce ‘carryback’ – the material that sticks to the belt after it leaves the transfer point and continues falling off along the conveyor’s return side.

Keys to good belt cleaning
  1. Cleaner selection for the application
  2. Accurate installation, and
  3. Proper maintenance.
  • Saves you money – reduces belt, splice and idler wear caused by carryback as well as minimising product loss
  • Lowers your maintenance cost – less clean up man-hours required
  • Keeps conveyors running efficiently and consistently – minimising downtime
  • Improves safety - with 42% of costly conveyor-related accidents happening during maintenance
Primary cleaners available
  • Mounted on the head pulley and below the material flow;
  • Removes the big stuff, typically cleaning 60-70% of the initial carryback;
  • Located just past where the belt leaves the head pulley and anywhere down the beltline; and
  • Especially good at removing fines, increasing cleaning efficiency to 90+%.

We also offer a range of specialty cleaners designed for specific or extreme applications and polyurethane and tungsten carbide blade options.

Let one of our highly-experienced and trained technicians tailor a cleaning solution to ensure you get the most out of your system.

Belt Fasteners

Conveyor belt fasteners are a smart belt repair option when you are short on time and need to get moving. Fenner Conveyors supply an extensive range of mechanical fasteners to get your belt up and running as quickly as possible. 

Heavy duty fasteners

  • Rivet Hinged Systems
  • Rivet Solid Plate Systems
  • Bolt Solid Plate Systems
  • Bolt Hinged Systems
  • Rip Repair Systems
  • Heavy Duty Staple Hinged Fasteners
  • Heavy Staple Hinged Fasteners

Light duty fasteners

  • Staple Hinged Fasteners
  • Wire Hook Fasteners
  • Lacing Systems
  • Spiral Lace Systems
  • Rivet Systems
  • V-Belt Fastener Systems
  • Carded Hook Fasteners
  • Tiebar Hook Fasteners
  • G-Series Lacing Systems

Choosing the correct mechanical belt fastener system is critical. Contact us or your local Fenner Conveyors branch for further information or help in selecting the best fastener or belt clip for your belt and application.

We also supply a range of installation tools and accessories including belt cutting and skiving equipment.

Belt Tracking

There are a wide variety of root causes for belt movement, such as conveyor design, operating parameters, conditions, and belt type. It's often a combination of these causes that influence belt movement. Where belt movement cannot be engineered out, belt tracking devices including belt positioners, and trainers offer of a useful counter measure that can be installed relatively quickly.

Fenner Conveyors belt trackers use friction and tension to correct alignment issues, to avoid forces that can damage your belt.

It's imperative that each belt tracking device is carefully selected to ensure it doesn't cause secondary effects that could negatively impact the belt and the operation of the conveyor.

As both an engineering and manufacturing business of all parts of the conveyor, Fenner Conveyors is uniquely placed to advise and supply the right belt tracker for your application to ensure you prevent hazardous belt and structural damage.

Conveyor Skirting

If keeping your product contained at transfer points is proving to be a challenge, we offer a wide range of conveyor skirting systems that are proven to prevent material loss and minimise dust emissions.

Skirting material options
  • Natural Skirting Rubber
  • Premium Soft Skirting Rubber
  • FRAS (Fire-Resistant, Anti-Static) Skirting Rubber
  • Soft FRAS Skirting Rubber
  • RubberEPDM (Heat Resistant) Skirting Rubber
  • RubberNitrile Oil Resistant Skirting Rubber
  • White FDA Nitrile Skirting Rubber
  • Polyurethane Skirting
  • Wave Edge Rubber
  • Capping Rubber
  • Dust Cloth & Grip Strips

Contact us and let one of our highly-experienced and trained technicians select, supply and fit a skirting solution to suit your specific application.

Conveyor Guarding
Protect your most valuable asset – your people

Fenner Conveyors offer a complete range of conveyor belt guarding options to help you protect your people and ensure full compliance with the Australian Standards and Guidelines that apply.

Choose from our standard range of proven guarding solutions, or let us custom design and manufacture guards to suit your specific requirements.

All our guarding is designed with the end user in mind, ensuring ease of handling, installation and transport - saving you time and money.

Belt Maintenance Equipment

Safe conveyor belt maintenance starts with choosing the right tools. We offer a selection of belt maintenance equipment, all with built-in safeguards to help prevent on-the-job injuries.

  • Belt clamps
  • Belt cutters
  • Belt lifters
  • Belt squares
  • Belt skivers
  • Installation tools
Magnets & Metal Detectors

Fenner Conveyors' conveyor magnet and metal detector systems locate harmful foreign material to proactively prevent unnecessary damage and extend the life of your conveyor belt.

All tramp metal such as roof bolts can be safely detected and removed.

Our metal detector and magnet control systems can be fully integrated into the PLC within the conveyor starter to enable seamless operation. This  also provides the option to run in standby mode, enabling magnet-only detection thereby reducing your energy costs.

Contact your local Fenner Conveyors branch for more information.

Need help installing your selected conveyor accessories?

Our Field Service Teams are trained experts in the installation of conveyor accessories.