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Belt Cover Compounds

Not all belts are created equally; the right belt cover compound can make a significant difference to the performance of your conveyor belt. Fenner's research and development team has created compounds that make a real difference to the efficiency of your operations. We design fit-for-purpose belting utilising our range of high-performing standard compounds or specialty cover compounds.

Future proof

Fenner is continually developing high performance cover compounds for the future of Australian mining and manufacturing. We work closely with clients to ensure all compounds are tested and proven in the field. In addition, our technical team of engineers and chemists are ready to develop tailored compounds to solve your toughest belting challenges.

Find the belt cover compound best-suited to your site using the tool below.

Our full list of belt cover compounds

Every Fenner belt is identifiable using the cover grades below.

Green Series
Z-SSA PowerSaver™ Plus - Premium Low rolling resistance
Z-LRR PowerSaver™ - Low rolling resistance
Abrasion Resistant
Z-NGUT Next Generation Ultra Tuff™ - Superior abrasion resistance


Ultra Tuff™ - Premium abrasion resistance

A+ Improved abraision resistant
A Australian standard abrasion resistant
Cut & Gouge Resistant
Z-TuffAs Tuff As™ - Superior cut & gouge resistant
Z-XCG eXtra Cut & Gouge - Special cut and gouge resistant
General Purpose
MZ-AR Impact resistant and some abrasion resistance
M Super Impact and abrasion resistant
AS-A Abrasion resistant
AS-M General purpose
AS-N General purpose
Fire Resistant
AS-S S grade FRAS - Underground coal mine certified,  Fire resistant, high abrasion resistant, anti-static (FRAS) manufactured to AS-4606
DEF Fire and abrasion resistant
EF Fire resistant and anti-static
F Fire resistant and anti-static
KD Fire and abrasion resistant K grade
AS-K Fire resistant, anti-static with good abrasion resistance
Heat Resistant
Z-EPT Super

Ultra-high heat resistance

Z-EPT GP High-to-very-high heat resistance


Medium-to-high heat resistance, some abrasion resistance
Z-HRNR Medium-to-high heat resistance, some cut & gouge resistance
Oil Resistant
Z-HTN Heat and oil resistant nitrile
Z-SOR Mild oil resistance
KZ-SOR Some oil resistant and fire resistant

Contact us or your local Fenner branch for more information.