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Stock Belt

Conveniently available from our national network of conveyor service centres

If you need belt in a hurry, we have a range of stock belt readily available from our national network of conveyor service centres - manufactured to exacting specifications and backed by our comprehensive warranty and support. 


A Fabric Crows Foot Weave Belt providing maximum protection against belt rips

With at least three times the tear strength of standard belts, our RipMaster crows foot weave (CFW) fabric offers unmatched resistance to rips and tears.

Combine with our high performance belt cover compounds:

  • RipMaster-M provides economical resistance and tearing with tough M Grade covers.
  • RipMaster-XCG gives extra protection with higher tensile strength and our unique eXtra Cut and Gouge (XCG) covers that provide a standout performance in applications where increased resistance to heavy impacts, abrasion and gouging is required. 

Our RipMaster Range includes PN1000/3 - PN2500/5.


An Australian manufactured economical alternative to premium QuarryMaster

This tough, value-for-money-belting is an economical option over premium QuarryMaster belting.

With an N-Grade cover compound, QuarryLine offers a real cost-saving with the peace of mind knowing that you are backed by Fenner Conveyors warranty and supported by our team of conveyor' experts. 


The belt that set the standard in applications across Australia

With an M Grade cover compound that exceeds Australian Standards, this belt continues to be a market-leading product that sets the standard for performance, quality and overall value for money.


As with QuarryMaster, our RockMaster features an M-Grade cover compound that exceeds Australian Standards. 

The RockMaster has a higher carcass designation at PN800/4 than our QuarryMaster specifically to meet tougher working conditions.


The sweetest handling belt in Australia’s Sugar Industry

Fenner Conveyors' SugarFRAS belting has been formulated to provide the sugar industry with a cost-effective, fire-resistant and anti-static belt. Suitable for cane, bagasse and sugar product handling.

SugarFRAS belting meets the self-extinguishing and anti-static requirements for Grade K to ISO 433 and AS 1332.

DeltaHeat SUPER

The belting you need when the heat is on!

DeltraHeat SUPER heat resistant conveyor belts have been designed specifically for the transportation of high temperature raw materials.

DeltaHeat SUPER was developed to cover a wide variety of industrial applications including iron and steel mills, smelters, cement plants, and fertiliser plants.

To extend the life of belt life, it's recommended to use heat resistant belts wherever the temperature of the transported material exceeds 60°C.

DeltaHeat is best suited to:

  • Carry materials at temperatures up to 235°C;
  • Provide greater abrasion resistance than mining belting (with heat resistant properties);
  • Resist chemical attack at high temperature; or
  • Sites requiring heat resistance at an extremely economical cost.


Designed for rough applications encountered in the timber industry

Fenner Conveyors' TimberMaster belt features a bare back for easy sliding on benches and metal surfaces.

TimberMaster has a tough, nitrile blended cover formulated to resist the terpine content of Radiata Pine sap. Available in 3-Ply, TimberMaster can be hot and cold spliced, or mechanically fastened.

DeltaHeat HTN

A Nitrile belt providing heat & oil resistance


Durable economy range belting

Duracon is a fit-for-purpose belting suitable for operations looking for a cost-effective and durable solution.

Good value does not mean low quality

At Fenner Conveyors, we only put our name behind belts that are highly durable, giving higher production yields and fewer belt change-outs. Duracon is manufactured to our exacting specifications and guaranteed to exceed Australian and International Standards. It is manufactured in long run to achieve economies of scale – meaning you pay less.


FC DuraconBrochure

Brochure: Duracon

FC DuraconServiceBrochure

Brochure: Duracon - The Best of Both Worlds

Contact us or your local Fenner Conveyors branch for more information.