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Conveyor System Design

Integrated mechanical, belting & electrical systems 

At Fenner Conveyors, we are unique in our ability to design, manufacture, and install fully integrated solutions, including mechanical equipment, belting and electrical control systems - all completed in-house.

Our experience, gained through the successful commissioning of difficult conveyor profiles, ensures that designs are produced taking into account all relevant factors for an efficient and reliable conveyor system.

Explore examples of our design experience and capabilities below.

Belt Selection

A custom-designed belt can lower your total cost of ownership as it is tailored precisely for your conveyor lifecycle.

Our sophisticated 'Belt Wizard' calculation tool provides complete tension and power analysis, alongside recommended carcass, cover grade, and cover gauge specifications.


  • Overall profile configurations, during all operating modes
  • Identification of belt and conveyor interface issues
  • Interchangeable power inputs - single pulley, multiple drives, and split-power situations
  • Analysis of field problems
  • Evaluation of 'what if' scenarios
  • Comparison of multiple belt offerings alongside one another
  • Detailed belt data sheets including roll weight and shipping details
  • Warnings when design limits are exceeded or are insufficient service life at the lowest cost of ownership
Power Tension Reports

ACE Engineering have extensive experience in completing both static and dynamic power & tension calculations including regenerative conveyors. This incorporation can determine effective placement of tripper drives, drives requirements, fluid trimming levels and brake/holdback installations.

Static Analysis

We analyse the conveyor profile, capacity, and material specifications to determine optimum drive powers, locations and braking requirements to provide the most efficient solution.

Dynamic Analysis

We calculate the peak stresses and belt tensions in the conveyor ensuring all components are designed for the correct stresses and tensions, as well as providing a basis for optimal control over starting and stopping the conveyor.

Horizontal Curve Analysis

We calculate the required horizontal curve radius, banking angle and conveyor structure alignment to ensure the conveyor will operate and track well through the horizontal curve of the conveyor.

3D Modelling

With the ability to complete 3D Printed models of our designs you gain the hands-on experience with minimal cost, enabling effective explanation for installation and viewing.

Performed in-house by our specialist conveyor draftspersons, 3D modelling accelerates the manufacturing and commissioning process, and minimises costly and time-consuming post-design modifications.

Fully Integrated Control Systems

Designed together with the mechanical supply, we ensure a conveyor is perfectly matched to the required duty. It is not added after the equipment is constructed - this is unique to Fenner Conveyors and offers you the reliability of a totally integrated system.

ACE utilise the latest in PLC design software and conveyor control software. Our personnel have years of practical experience across many mine sites and industries, making us a leader in this field.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

To ensure our designs are fit for purpose, finite element modelling (FEA) is completed by our experienced engineers. This concept is also incorporated into our pulley designs confirming suitability for its desired location.

We conduct FEA to eliminate fatigue related failures in components including pulleys, idlers and structure at the design stage by analysing stresses under all loading conditions.

Discrete Element Modelling (DEM)

We perform product flow modelling (DEM’s) to ensure our conveyor transfers flow appropriately and inefficient transition points are eliminated. The software allows detailed input of product properties tailored to your site.

RPEQ Certification

ACE have internal RPEQ certification and therefore are able to certify our own designs.

Quality Assurance & Documentation

We operate with strict quality assurance procedures and software to ensure our final products are of the highest quality. To allow effective communication for our customers we use several of the below features for each project to give peace of mind and show continuity for both parties.

  • Fabrication and assembly sign-off
  • Pulley overhaul reports (iPad)
  • Tolerance checking of frame work
  • FAT test sheets (iPad)
  • Commissioning plans
  • Internal procedures i.e. pulley procedures, alignment procedures, motor check sheets
  • Installation Procedures
  • Project scheduling

Custom equipment & redesigns 

Whether you need a new piece of custom equipment or redesigns for improved conveyor productivity and safety, our engineering team will work with you every step of the way. 

Designs that are optimised for your conveyor

What sets us apart is that we routinely design equipment to meet a customer’s specific requirements.  We have developed an extensive range of computer modelling tools to rapidly optimise designs for conveyor equipment and components. Designs are efficient and fit-for-purpose, producing equipment at the lowest cost and longest service life.

  • Tripper
  • Reeler
  • Clamp
  • Transfer
  • Dewatering

Examples of our custom equipment designs

  • Transfers and chutes
  • Collapsible and self-erecting jibs – for rapid onsite install
  • Transport trailers for quicker and more convenient equipment install - loop take up trailers, structure pods
  • Belt handling equipment for efficient belt change outs – turning frames, winders
  • Fit-for-purpose pulleys


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Looking to upgrade your existing conveyor equipment?

Get the most out of your existing assets with our overhaul and refurbishment services.