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Conveyor Transfers & Jibs

Redirecting material flow with minimal spillage and chute wear

Transfer Stations

Fenner transfer stations optimise available height to redirect the material flow with minimal spillage and chute wear. We have a range of soft loading hood and spoon or cascading design options and Discrete Element Modelling (DEM) analysis is undertaken for every transfer to ensure optimum material flow through the transfer. This analysis also assists in minimising dust and product degradation. The main flow chute is fitted with replaceable liners for equipment longevity.

Our transfers and jibs are designed for ease and speed of installation and relocation. They incorporate dedicated lift points and detailed work instructions to ensure the safety of the installation team.

We offer our clients the ability to work directly with our experienced engineering team to design transfers and jibs for your specific requirements. Transfers can be integrated with dewatering and magnet systems and we also have a range of low height transfer designs for underground applications. We ensure any dewatering screen is not located in the material flow to minimise screen impact damage.

Jib Transfers

Our innovative collapsible jib designs for underground applications have been developed to enable the transport of a complete assembly including pulleys, hoods and ancillary equipment from the surface of the mine to its underground location. The self-erecting design dramatically reduces installation, removal and relocation times.

Technical Specifications

Typical transfers include the following:

  • Hood chute including liners & spray bar
  • Spoon chute including liners
  • Impact station including skirts
  • Delivery jib including belt cleaners
  • Walkway / cross over inspection platforms
  • Live shaft / dead shaft pulley options
  • Belt transition structure
  • Field devices
  • Guarding


  • Minimal product degradation
  • Roof or floor mounted
  • DEM Analysis to ensure optimum material flow
  • Wet areas in stainless steel
  • Reversible screen for increased life
  • Reduced chute wear 

Contact us or your local Fenner branch for more information.

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