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Specialty Belting

Solving your most challenging conveying challenges

From cleated solutions for the most steeply inclined belts through to our endless slinger belts, we supply Australia’s largest range of specialty conveyor belts.

Cleated Belt

Slinger Belt

Sidewall Belt

Dribble Belt

Cleated Belts

Fenner’s range of cleated belting allows free flowing bulk material to be transported on inclines of up to 40 degrees. We stock a range of open and closed cleat designs to suit customer’s requirements and only use high abrasion resistant rubber to guarantee longer belt life.

Fenner’s one piece moulded carry cover design eliminates the likelihood of cleats detaching. Alternatively, we are able to construct belts through cold bonding or mechanical fastening cleats to meet your specific requirements.

Benefits of cleated belts include:
  • Increased capacity through reducing material roll back.
  • Reduced spillage as cleats contain product to the belt.
  • Allows for steeper conveyor design, reducing capital costs.
High frequency cleat types:
cleated1 cleated2 cleated3  cleated4 cleated5 cleated6
Slinger Belts

Fenner slinger belts come in a range of lengths and widths, and are made completely 'endless' without a splice join. Endless construction eliminates the risk of splice failure and ensures smooth, high speed running in harsh, abrasive conditions.

Our belts are locally manufactured to your specific requirements on highly accurate mandrels to eliminate tracking issues.

Fenner patented rubber and fabrics

Typically manufactured using PN600/3 ply construction with 9 mm x 3 mm high abrasion resistant rubber covers and polyester nylon fabric carcass. Specialised rubber compounds such as fire resistant-anti-static (FRAS) and oil resistant are available with various carcass constructions available on request.

Operating tension and speeds can be tailored to your specification, with 50 N/mm and 20 m/s being our standard.

Endless Length Width
2390 mm Up to 1400 mm
2440 mm Up to 500mm
2890 mm Up to 1050 mm
3676 mm Up to 1050 mm
4220 mm Up to 1050 mm
4285 mm Up to 1050 mm
4461 mm Up to 1050 mm
4823 mm Up to 1050 mm
Sidewall Belts

Our sidewall conveyor belts are premium and super-strength. The custom, hot bonded process provides outstanding operating lifetimes and low maintenance. This also means exceptional value for money.

Sidewall conveyor belts must be able to withstand the extremely high stress and repeated flexing that occurs in high capacity steep-angle conveying. That's why our cross-stabilised base belts have been specifically designed by Fenner engineers using the highest quality polyester fabrics to give higher rigidity values with very low elongation.

The rubber covers protecting the carcass have outstanding abrasion resistance and tear strength. Just as importantly, our sidewalls and cleats are manufactured using Fenner rubber, reinforced by a diagonal layer of fabric that creates an excellent combination of elasticity and strength.

The use of reinforcement within the sidewalls ensures maximum elongation (stretch) of the fabric at the flexing points while retaining a high tensile strength. All of these features create sidewall belts that are more durable, lower maintenance and longer lasting than any other sidewall belt on the market.

Fenner also offers a range of cold bonded and constructed sidewall belts for those looking for an economical and durable solution.

Dribble Belts

Due to the wide and thin nature of ply construction belts, traditional manufacturing methods often result in complications. Issues such as waves in the carcass can result in inconsistent cover thickness, reducing belt life.

Fenner's Manta Belt™ is manufactured free from factory joints, mitigating the risk of mistracking.

Manta Belt™ improves your operational efficiency through an increased cover thickness coupled with high integrity splice (HIS).

Manufactured and available for fast delivery from our Kwinana service centre.

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Success Story: Wide Dribble Belt

Contact us or your local Fenner branch for more information.