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Rollers, idlers and structure.
We manufacture an extensive range of engineered conveyor products for the materials handling industry.

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Conveyor Rollers, Idler Frames and Structure

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Quality Rollers built-to-last

Steel rollers - three feature levels available

Our Fenner manufactured range of Classic, Classic Plus and Classic HD series steel rollers offers you the convenience of three feature levels ensuring a high quality, fit-for-purpose solution for your operation:

  • Steel trough carry rollers
  • Steel return rollers
  • Rubber disc return rollers (RDRT)
  • Rubber lagged steel rollers
  • Rubber impact rollers

Speciality rollers for all applications:

  • Weigh rollers
  • Nylon rollers
  • HDPE
  • HDPE Composite
  • Aluminium
  • Stainless Steel

Why use Fenner rollers?

There are a number of other roller manufacturers around – but it is our quality design and rigorous QA systems that set us apart. We also have a team of engineers and 18 service branches located nationwide, which means help is never far away.

High quality doesn’t mean high cost

While the initial capital cost of a roller is often the only commercial consideration in a new product purchase, the total life-cycle cost is generally much more important. Each phase in a roller’s life has an associated cost, from the initial capital expenditure through to the running costs, downtime and cost of disposal and replacement.

Fenner can work with site operations to synergise these processes and help reduce the total roller cost. We design specifically for site conditions so our rollers are not over- or under-engineered, ensuring we maximise running efficiency and reduce power consumption – ultimately saving you even more money.

Idler Frames

Choose from custom idler frames or our range of stocked idler frames for the quickest solution – the choice is yours.

Fenner idler frames range from light-medium duty trough frames through to extra-heavy-duty pipe transom frames for the iron ore and coal industries. We also stock a selection of smaller belt width frames.

We can supply frames to suit any application:

  • Carry frames
  • Return frames
  • Vee-return frames
  • Retractable impact frames
  • Extra HD impact frames
  • Transition frames
  • Training frames
  • Jack-down frames
  • Belt saving frames
  • Retractable return frames
  • Low-profile frames

Conveyor Structure

Fenner specialise in the manufacture and supply of innovative structures compatible with your existing assemblies. We are always looking for ways to improve your operations and we work with our clients to improve your structure designs for added safety, serviceability, ergonomics and cost reduction.

Structure options:

  • Surface/Overland
  • Drift
  • Trunk
  • Maingate
  • Development
  • Roof or Floor Mounted

Fenner manufacture our own innovative range of lightweight structure which has been designed in close collaboration with site personnel. Our design has doubled the traditional frame spacing utilised, leading to significant savings in terms of cost, installation times, safety and exposure to risk. Our smart conveyor structure design can also be loaded into structure pods for efficient transportation and installation – with frames, stringers, idlers and bolts/pins packed ready to be installed.

All our structure undergoes rigorous quality assurance both at the factory and in Fenner service centres, and is trial assembled to ensure functionality before it arrives on-site.


Contact us or your local Fenner branch for further information.