Conveyor Design

Design, manufacture and deliver.
Fully integrated solutions; mechanical equipment, belting and electrical control systems - totally in-house.

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Conveyor Design

No other Australian company can match the scope of our in-house ability.

At Fenner, we are unique in our ability to design, manufacture, and deliver a fully integrated solution including all mechanical equipment, belting and electrical control systems totally in-house. In fact, we are the only company in Australia that can do this.

Our design experience includes:

  • Steeply inclined drift conveyors;
  • Regenerative downhill conveyors;
  • Horizontally curved conveyors;
  • Conveyors with multiple tripper drives;
  • Maingate conveyors up to 6.4 km in length;
  • Conveyors with undulating profiles; and
  • Heap leach conveyor systems.

We have seen it all… and you can benefit

Our experience, which has been gained through the successful commissioning of difficult conveyor profiles, ensures that designs are produced taking into account all relevant factors for an efficient and reliable conveyor system.

Our conveyor design service includes:

  • Static analysis – the conveyor profile, capacity, and material specifications are analysed to determine optimum drive powers, locations and braking requirements to provide the most efficient solution;
  • Dynamic analysis – calculation of peak stresses and belt tensions in the conveyor ensures components are designed for the correct stresses and tensions, as well as providing a basis for optimal control over starting and stopping the conveyor;
  • Horizontal curve analysis – calculation of the required horizontal curve radius, banking angle and conveyor structure alignment to ensure the conveyor will operate and track well through the horizontal curve of the conveyor;
  • Fully integrated control systems – designed together with the mechanical supply ensuring a conveyor is perfectly matched to the required duty. It is not added after the equipment is constructed. This is unique to Fenner ACE and offers you the reliability of a totally integrated system;
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) – used to eliminate fatigue related failures in components including pulleys, idlers and structure at the design stage by analysing stresses under all loading conditions;
  • Discrete Element Modelling (DEM) – flow modelling performed on all transfers to eliminate inefficient transition points; and
  • 3D modelling – performed in-house by our specialist conveyor draftspersons to accelerate manufacturing and commissioning, and to minimise costly and time-consuming post-design modifications.

Contact us or your local Fenner branch for further information.