Belt Diagnostics

Our experts are just a phone call away.
Onsite belt diagnostics to help you understand what is going on under (and inside) your belt.

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Belt Diagnostics

Our team of conveyor diagnostics experts are just a phone call away.

We offer a range of on-site services to help you understand what is going on under (and inside) your belt.

Radiography (Digital X-Ray)

Using the latest in digital radiography steel cord examinations, we offer spot or full belt radiography for splice and damage evaluation. Our belt diagnostic technicians can easily identify anomalies in splices such as cord movement, bond failure, and poor workmanship. Data collected by our fully trained technicians is analysed and our electronic report will show you the location of damage within your belt.

Splice Quality Assurance (QA)

Splice QA is provided by our experienced team using Fenner’s specialist in-house procedure. The combination of splice QA and Digital X-ray allows total accountability of splice installation to provide recordable images of the final product. This helps ensure that the splice is performed to the highest standard, ensuring maximum splice life and longevity.

Belt Scanning

Our manual belt scanning service gives you an on-site highly trained technician who performs a full longitudinal scan, condition inspection, cover profiles and life predictions of the conveyor belt. The scanning service can be carried out in as little as three to five complete revolutions of the belt. A detailed report will provide a full condition description including the location of any damage within your belt.

Cover thickness monitoring

Ultrasonic testing, using a specialised handheld tool, is used for measuring the thickness of the fabric and steel cord belting covers. Once a technician has performed at least two contiguous sets of cover profiles, a cover life prediction can be made. The prediction is based on current wear rates holding true for each given location measured.

Choose from technician-managed diagnostics or an early warning monitoring system

As well as Fenner’s on-site technician-managed conveyor diagnostic services (as outlined on this web page), we can install an early warning monitoring system for constant surveillance of your conveyor belt.

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