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A Guide to Conveyor Solutions: Fenner Conveyors Products Explained

Published in PilbaraKey.com.au

Fenner Conveyors is renowned for offering top-quality conveyor belt solutions throughout WA. But did you know we are the only company in Australia to design, manufacture, install, and service a complete conveyor system from head-to-tail? 

The company has been around for over 150 years through the innovation of JH Fenner and Hopkins Bros. & Odlum. Today, Fenner Conveyors is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Michelin and is passionate about making conveying smart, safe and sustainable.

With 30+ service centres across Australia, Fenner Conveyors has the country's largest network of service centres. This includes major coverage of Western Australia through its service location in Karratha and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Perth.

Fenner Conveyors continuously invests in local manufacturing capabilities, ensuring supply chain security and continuous service to our customers.

In this blog, we will discuss the list of conveyor products we manufacture, engineer, and service. Let’s dive in!

Conveyor Systems

Fenner Conveyors can supply and install system solutions through our conveyor engineering expertise and extensive range of engineered conveyor products. Our team can also custom manufacture to suit your needs – and if you don’t know what you need, we will work with you to find a solution.

Conveyor Belt

To meet safety standards and endure a wide range of physical and environmental conditions, conveyor belts require a carcass construction that can withstand extreme strains and forces. 

In addition, rubber covers must possess resistance and durability to safeguard the carcass over a prolonged period. The synergy between carcass construction and rubber cover compounds ultimately decides the lifespan of a conveyor belt and its cost-effectiveness.

What’s more, Fenner Conveyors is innovating rubber covers that provide sustainability benefits for mining and industrial applications. Our low-rolling resistant compounds work to lower emissions produced by reducing the power draw required for operations.

Fenner Conveyors is a proud local conveyor belt expert with quality manufacturing capabilities that offer an extensive range of Fabric Ply (including UsFlex), Steel Cord, Aramid, and Solid Woven conveyor belting - made right here in Australia at one of our state-of-the-art conveyor belt factories.

  • Durability: Designed to withstand high impact, abrasion, and varying temperatures, ensuring longevity. All our belts undergo rigorous in-house and in-field testing to ensure we supply the right belt for your application. 
  • Customisation: Belts are customisable in terms of material, width, and design, catering to diverse industry needs. We combine our quality conveyor belt carcasses and industry-leading cover compounds for maximum protection and performance.

You can also contact Fenner Conveyors if you require conveyor belt repair services.

StockBelt3 600x400

Splice Kits

Fenner Conveyors deliver conveyor belt splicing kits for steel cords and textile-reinforced belts. Components are individually wrapped and packed in timber crates to environmentally secure their contents. All kits are clearly labelled for delivery and identification purposes.

What's included?

  • All skim/filler gum rubber and cover rubber or PVC paste, with rubber materials cut to size, ensuring ease of use and minimal wastage;
  • All solutions and solvents ready for application, including paint brushes in fabric kits - hazardous substances externally marked for safety;
  • All rubber components are lab-tested and cut to size for optimum shelf and service life;
  • A contents list and copies of all chemical material safety data sheets;
  • Release fabric and protective plastic cut to size and ready for easy application and
  • Two pairs of chemical-resistant gloves and paint brushes are included in fabric kits and available on request in steel cord kits.

Our team can purpose design and manufacture a kit for you in as little as seven days.


Conveyor Accessories

Spillage? Tracking Issues? No matter the problem, we have a solution.

Fenner Conveyors offers a range of conveyor accessories that will help optimise your system for added safety, increased asset life, and performance. We offer supply only, or supply and installation of accessories for all makes of conveyor systems.

Our conveyor accessories are:

  • Belt Cleaners
  • Belt Fasteners
  • Belt Tracking
  • Conveyor Skirting
  • Conveyor Guarding
  • Belt Maintenance Equipment
  • Magnets & Metal Detectors

Don’t know what you need? We will work with you to find a solution. We can provide product support and are fully equipped and mobile to help you when you need us.

Belt Handling 

Handling conveyor belts can be a time-consuming and labour-intensive task. We provide specialised, large-scale belt-handling equipment manufactured at our East Rockingham, Mackay, and Traralgon facilities. 

Over time, Fenner Conveyors and other Group brands, like ACE and Belle Banne Conveyors, have established themselves as industry leaders in designing, manufacturing, and supplying custom conveyor belt handling equipment that sets the benchmark for safe and efficient conveyor belt installation and change-out services

Our engineering teams specialise in designing hydraulic and mechanical systems specifically tailored to each unique application and environment, ensuring a smooth belt change-out experience, such as: 

  • Belt Winders & Let-Off Stands
  • Turning Frames
  • Flaking Stations
  • Belt Pullers & Pinch Drive Stations
  • Winches
  • Pony Drives
  • Belt Clamps

 Flaking Station web

Conveyor Rollers

Our range of steel, HDPE, and specialty conveyor rollers ensures a high-quality, fit-for-purpose solution for your operation.

Steel Conveyor Rollers

  • Shell thickness above industry standards
  • Use of high-speed conveyor tube for consistent TIR
  • High-quality sealed-for-life bearings
  • Economy range offers inner welding of pressed housings
  • Premium range takes this one step further with custom nylon press-to-fit housings to further eliminate the risk of belt cutting and damage


Composite Conveyor Rollers

  • Manufactured using a specifically formulated modified PVC shell
  • Up to 40% lighter than equivalent steel rollers
  • Provides occupational health and safety benefits and significantly reduces noise levels
  • Highly corrosion-resistant
  • Non-magnetic
  • Impact-resistant
  • Low breakaway mass and generating significantly less carry-back

Specialty Conveyor Rollers

In addition to our composite and steel rollers, we offer a number of specialty rollers that are custom-designed for specific applications.

  • Rubber disc return rollers (RDRT)
  • Rubber impact rollers
  • Rubber-lagged steel rollers
  • Suspended rollers
  • Weigh rollers
  • Rockshield seal option
  • Servo guide rollers

Why choose our conveyor rollers?

It's our quality design, local manufacturing and rigorous QA systems that set us apart from other roller providers. We have a team of engineers and 18 service branches located nationwide, which means help is never far away.

Idler Frames

Fenner Conveyors offers diverse idler configurations designed, engineered, and fabricated to meet industry standards and specific customer needs. You can opt for custom idler frames or choose from our inventory of pre-stocked idler frames for a quick solution. 

Our idler frames encompass a wide range, from light-medium duty trough frames and extending to extra-heavy-duty pipe transom frames specifically designed for the iron ore and coal industries. Additionally, we stock a selection of smaller belt-width frames.

  • Carry frames
  • Return frames
  • Vee-return frames
  • Retractable impact frames
  • Extra HD impact frames
  • Transition frames
  • Training frames
  • Jack-down frames
  • Belt saving frames
  • Retractable return frames
  • Low-profile frames

Conveyor Structure

Fenner Conveyors has developed a range of innovative lightweight conveyor structures designed and fabricated in close collaboration with site personnel. 

Our design doubles the traditional frame spacing used, which leads to significant savings in cost, installation times, safety, and risk exposure. Our smart conveyor structure design can be loaded into structure pods for efficient transportation and installation, with frames, stringers, idlers, and bolts/pins packed and ready for installation.

All our conveyor structures undergo rigorous quality assurance at the factory and Fenner Conveyors’ service centres. They are trial-assembled to ensure their functionality before they arrive on-site.


Conveyor Pulleys

Fenner Conveyors' conveyors pulleys are manufactured and custom-designed to your requirements using sophisticated computer modelling based on the steady state and transient loads for the conveyor. We offer:

  • Deadshaft Pulleys
  • Liveshaft Drive Pulleys
  • Liveshaft Non-Driven Pulleys

 Pulley Clean Room 6


Fenner Conveyors is experienced in supplying conveyors system up to 4MW in power with CST, VSD and other drive technologies. We have the ability to match the preferred drives of the client, or if there is no preference, we recommend drive technology based on the application.

We offer compact, modular designs fully customisable to your specific requirements:

  • Clean belt or clean/dirty belt drive styles
  • Shaft, rigid and flexible coupling options
  • VSD, CST or fluid couplings
  • Low and medium-voltage VSDs
  • Drive powers from 75 kW up to 6 MW


Fenner Conveyors’ complete range of conveyor belt tensioning winches is a key piece of equipment for any conveyor system. Our winches are designed to operate in harsh environments and come in fully automated VVVF constant torque, hydraulic, and electro-mechanical designs. We also offer winches for the best conveyor belt maintenance and installation.

Our standard winch designs include Eddie Current Winches, APWs (ACE patented winch), Hydraulic Control, and VSDs / Vector Winches.

Conveyor Technology

All these conveyor products mentioned can be monitored and reported on using our intelligent conveying technology. iBelt allows our customers to enhance conveyor performance and increase total cost-of-ownership of their conveyor assets.

 DigitalHub Increase Performance

But that’s not all!

If you want to see the whole list of products and services we offer, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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