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Why FireBoss Leads the Market in Underground Mining Conveyor Belt Safety

In the dynamic world of underground mining, safety, reliability, and performance are paramount. At Fenner Conveyors, we understand the critical importance of providing conveyor belt solutions that mitigate risks and ensure the safety of personnel and assets in challenging mining environments. That's why we’ve trialled and tested, developed and enhanced our S grade cover compound, ‘FireBoss S’, specifically engineered for underground mining applications with industry-recognised certification, compliance and superior performance.  

What is FireBoss?

FireBoss isn't just another conveyor belt cover compound – it's the result of decades of expertise, innovation, and a relentless commitment to safety and performance. Designed and manufactured right here in Australia, FireBoss is tailored to withstand the demanding conditions of underground mining operations, offering unparalleled protection against static and fire hazards, impact, and other environmental challenges. 

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Why FireBoss Leads the Market

We asked subject matter experts across our business to explain why they believe FireBoss is the market-leading option for underground mining applications… 

Safety Comes First 

For underground mining, safety isn't just a priority – it's a non-negotiable necessity. Conveyor belts have the ability to spread a fire along the path of the conveyor and the consequences can be catastrophic. 

The biggest factor in the product development of FireBoss is the significance of ensuring safety of personnel and operations at site. Branch Support Manager, Craig Larkin explains, "The nature of underground mining hazardous. Our customers trust FireBoss because it's not just about the upfront cost; it's about investing in safety and mitigating the potential for catastrophic losses." Basically, FireBoss works to mitigate risks in an inherently high-risk environment.

Consistency and Reliability 

Fenner Conveyors has an extensive track record in manufacturing and developing the FireBoss compound in Australia. Senior Mechanical Engineer, Taylor Jobson said, "Our customers trust us because we've consistently delivered quality in this product for over 30 years. With FireBoss, they know they're getting a product they can rely on." 

With this level of experience developed over time, Fenner Conveyors provides an unmatched level of technical expertise to its customers. “Our team engineer and design belts for unique customer applications, with consideration to pulley diameters – a significant factor in ensuring a fit-for-purpose solution.”

Unmatched Performance through Proven Results 

Business Development Manager, Dean Callaway, underscores the importance of performance - a factor that sets FireBoss apart from the competition. "It’s about performance, and performance is awarded over time. We know that if a belt doesn’t perform, our customers will go elsewhere," explains Callaway. "Our customers choose Fenner Conveyors because our conveyor belts deliver, time and time again. Our extended warranties are a testament to our confidence in FireBoss's ability to perform under pressure."

Recent compound testing performed by Fenner Conveyors clearly shows the FireBoss compound as being market-leading in abrasion resistance, adhesions, tear resistance and reduced aging. This means your belt is longer lasting, as well as more resilient to abrasive and high-impact mining conditions. Tramp metal is a common culprit of savage belt damage, but what we see time and time again is FireBoss helping to stall the belt as opposed to the belt tearing completely upon tramp metal impact.

Recoverability for Mine Sustainability

Reducing operational impact on the environment has grown to be a key focus for mines across Australia. It’s imperative that mines reduce waste resulting from operations, with a high contributor to this being used and changed-out conveyor product.

Fenner Conveyors’ FireBoss S compound has a proven track record of as much as 85-90% recoverability for main-gate ply belt in longwall mining applications. At some coal mines in Queensland, clients have been able to recover and reuse 8.5-9km from every 10km of belt used in longwall mining for the next mining block. What this means for the mine is longer time in service of belts purchased and therefore less belts in the graveyard.

And remember – Reuse before recycle. While end-of-life solutions for conveyor belt are a priority, avoiding waste and reusing conveyor belt is more preferable in waste management and should be ensured before exploring recycling options.

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Local Expertise and Support 

Another key advantage of choosing Fenner Conveyors is our local expertise and support. Technical Manager R&D, Christopher Ball, said "Being a local OEM gives us a unique edge. We understand Australian conditions inside and out, and we're equipped to provide flexible manufacturing solutions and swift support, especially in emergency situations." 

All Fenner Conveyors rubber cover compounds, including FireBoss, are tailored to match conveyor belt fabric carcasses which are weaved in-house.

Proudly Australian-Made, Supporting the Local Economy 

Beyond delivering cutting-edge conveyor belt solutions, Fenner Conveyors is committed to supporting the local economy and community. "When you choose Fenner Conveyors, you're not just investing in superior products – you're investing in Australia," explains Ball. "With local supply chains, we're proud to contribute to the growth and prosperity of our local economy."

With FireBoss you're not just getting a conveyor belt – you're getting peace of mind. Trust the product that's been trusted for over 30 years. Trust Fenner Conveyors. Trust FireBoss.