The Fenner Approach.
Employee health and safety rates as our prime objective. It will never be compromised on our sites or when we work at yours.

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Safety, Environment and Quality


At Fenner, employee health and safety rates as our prime objective. They will never be compromised on our sites or when we work at your site. Our Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Mission Statement states:

The management of Fenner shall, as far as practicable, provide a safe and healthy work environment for all employees, contractors and visitors. In doing so, we shall strive to reach our target of:


Risk Reduction

Across Australia, we employ various tools in our risk reduction process. Our 'Take 5' approach focuses on making employees stop and think before undertaking a task. The process is focused on five steps: thinking through the task; spotting the hazards; assessing the risk; making changes to control the hazards; and undertaking the task safely.

Group Health and Safety Management System Framework

Our Group Health and Safety Management System Framework is an internal education program that covers key OH&S areas to ensure a robust, all encompassing and continually improving safety culture within Fenner Australia.

Safety Services

Our commitment to safety has led us to develop the 'Fenner Belt Pull Calculation Tool'© for clients. This provides an accurate calculation of the forces required to pull the conveyor belt around the system so that correct selection of equipment such as Belt Winders, Winches, Pulling Cables and Pulling Plates can be made. Find out more about Conveyor Belt Safety Services.


Fenner is committed to protecting community living standards and the environmental heritage of future generations.

In accepting its responsibility as a member of the community, Fenner seeks to conduct profitable business that demonstrates its commitment to protecting the quality of the air, water and soil environment. Fenner aims to minimise the environmental impact of all operations.

This policy will be achieved by an environmental management program that will:

  • Ensure compliance with legislation and any other relevant environmental requirements;
  • Maintain monitoring programs to review performance of the management program;
  • Maintain plant and equipment that protects the environment by installing appropriate treatment apparatus to control discharges to air, water and soil;
  • Implement waste minimisation and proper waste handling procedures. Continually reassess the potential for waste reduction and the efficient use of energy and natural resources;
  • Educate and motivate all personnel by ensuring they are instructed on proper work procedures, particularly for the disposal of waste and emergency spill containment;
  • Expect similar standards from third parties such as suppliers, contractors and customers;
  • Maintain a reporting system that keeps management advised of important environmental information;
  • Involve the community, where appropriate, on environmental issues that affect them; and
  • Include environmental considerations in investment decisions.


Fenner Australia is committed to ensuring that all our work is performed to the highest quality and safety standards, and our systems are under constant review and continual improvement. This commitment to quality includes improving our quality of products and our services to satisfy customer expectations as well as regulatory and legal requirements.

We have held ISO 9001 Quality Assurance certification for conveyor belt production since 1993.

Manufacturing plants included in the certification are:

  • Melbourne
  • Revesby
  • Kwinana

Our Quality Certification No. QEC 1758 covers:

The quality management system for the design, development, manufacture and supply of ply rubber conveyor belting, ply type PVC conveyor belting, steel cord rubber conveyor belting, solid woven PVC belting, calendered rubber products and associated mining products.

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