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Our Vision.
To be respected as the safest, most professional and successful Engineered Conveyor Solutions' provider in the world.

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Vision, Values and Spirit

Our Vision

Fenner will be respected as the safest, most professional and successful Engineered Conveyor Solutions' provider in the world.

Our Core Values

  • Return people home safely
  • 100% safe behaviour and conditions, today
  • Always seek to win, but never unethically
  • Never over promise or under deliver
  • Make recommendations, not just observations
  • Everyone we interact with is our customer
  • Talk to your customers face-to-face
  • Think global, act local
  • Achieve growth to survive
  • Develop solutions with measurable value and deliver them swiftly
  • Muscle-build the organisation through quality training and recruiting
  • Give and accept candid feedback
  • Support each other to survive, not survival of the fittest
  • TEAM - Together Everyone Achieves More

The Spirit of Fenner

A corporate culture that requires the total commitment of the entire team for success. The TEAM is more important than any individual - Together Everyone Achieves More.



  • Management priorities - Safety, Environment, Quality, People & Partnerships, Innovation & Profitable Growth.
  • People are our greatest asset, and also our most expensive, therefore treat people as an investment.
  • Make informed decisions with facts and figures not only gut feel.
  • Set concrete objectives with achievement and progress dates.
  • Make recommendations not observations.
  • Set and accept high standards of excellence.
  • Management will be solution facilitators, not problem solvers.
  • Muscle-build the company through quality recruiting and relevant training.
  • We would rather train our people and risk losing them, than not train them and keep them.
  • Coach people to succeed, rather than coax them to achieve.


  • Ask once and expect it to happen. 
  • Trust yet verify, delegate don’t abdicate. 
  • No surprises. 
  • Performance management – Key Personal Indicators (KPI’s) and regular appraisals. 
  • Small is beautiful - with reports, letters and memos aim for one page. 
  • Encourage an open door and approachable style. 
  • Talk to your colleagues face-to-face. 
  • Be prepared to give and receive candid feedback. 


  • Be a 'can do' person and just do it, with a positive attitude and proactive actions.
  • Achieve growth to survive.
  • Encourage dissatisfaction with the status quo, look for continuous improvement.
  • Respect each other and always work within the management structure.
  • Support each other to survive, not survival of the fittest.
  • Ethics, Integrity, Honesty, Pride in the Team and having fun in business are paramount.
  • Expenditure will always be kept tight, controlled and authorised.
  • Mistakes may happen - but not stupid ones and not the same one twice.
  • Pride in the Company results, not divisional focused.
  • Seek to win but never unethically.
  • Aim for zero defects, 'Right First Time, Every time'.


  • Everyone we interact with externally and internally is a Customer.
  • Encourage regular and focused interaction not reactive contact.
  • Never over promise, or under deliver.
  • Be exceptional at gaining new customers and even better at retaining existing ones.
  • Listen openly and value people’s opinions.
  • Develop solutions with measurable value and deliver them swiftly.
  • Adopt a pro-active, customer-driven culture.


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