Online Thickness Tester

Track wear over time.
Uses airborne ultrasonic probes to measure the wear profile of your belt, and can provide up to the minute readings online.

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Keeping an eye on the life of your belt

Highly precise sensors continuously measure the belt, predicting the remaining life and identifying atypical wear events allowing you to rectify the issue and elongate the life of the belt.

By tracking wear over time, an accurate life prediction can be made, giving more certainty as to when conveyor belts 'wear out'.  Additionally, by detecting premature wear, issues with the conveyor belt interacting with conveyor componentry can be identified and rectified before they become a major issue.


  • Works on any type of conveyor belting – Ply, Solid Woven, Steel Cord;
  • Belt can be moving or stopped;
  • Belt speeds up to 5 m/sec tested and proven;
  • Belts up to 3200 mm wide;
  • System can be permanently installed and providing up to the minute readings and information online;
  • Scheduled wear reports can be emailed, and reports generated on demand;
  • Alternatively, we offer a service where the system can be temporarily fitted, readings retrieved, and a report provided.


  • All encompassing - the entire cover of the installed belt is profiled, providing the ability to accurately identify and measure areas of high wear;
  • Accurate - the target is 0.1 mm accuracy, exceeding most quoted hand-held measurements;
  • Timely - profiles and predictions can be completed in as little as two revolutions;
  • Cost effective - to achieve a similar output and resolution with hand-held readings is simply not feasible on even the shortest of belts.

BeltGauge sends thickness testing data to DigitalHub - our digital intelligence platform that connects the iBelt technology tools and data sources to our applications. It allows you to understand real-time predictions and performance of your assets and effectively plan for maintenance activities.