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Intelligent Conveyors

Helping you stay in control.
Intelligent Conveyor monitoring systems ensure the least possible damage to your asset and bottom line.

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The all-new network of connected technologies allows the total management of your conveyor systems.

✔       Access real-time data, anywhere, anytime

✔       Predict and plan to maximise asset performance and life

✔       24/7 call to action enabling quick response

✔       Enable predictive maintenance

✔       Reduce downtime and production costs per tonne

✔       Continually improve lifecycle costs through insights

✔       Reduce onsite labour requirements

✔       Reduce hazard exposure & environmental impacts

✔       Insightful visualisations improving decision making

DigitalHub connects the iBelt technology tools and data sources to our applications. It allows you to understand real-time predictions and performance of your assets and effectively plan for maintenance activities.