Eagle Eye

Condition monitoring and high-end rip detection.
A permanently installed conveyor diagnostics tool.

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EagleEye® Monitoring and Rip Detection

The world leader in complete condition monitoring and high-end rip detection.

A permanently-installed conveyor diagnostics tool designed for the analysis of splice condition, cord damage, and cord corrosion without the need to stop production on a steel cord conveyor system. The interface allows for belt positioning and auto stoppages at any position on the conveyor system, and can be easily intergrated into existing operating systems.

With EagleEye®, users enjoy instant access to information about a conveyor belt’s condition, and advanced communication technology allows EagleEye® to send an alert, sound an alarm or stop the belt automatically, before significant damage occurs. It can be programmed, for instance, to immediately and automatically stop the belt upon detection of a longitudinal rip.

Steel cord belt condition monitoring is achieved by measuring magnetic flux leakage (MFL) from cords and comparing trending data from each belt cycle. A magnetiser lightly magnetises the belt and the MFL Sensor then reads information, creating an initial profile of belt condition (a signature profile) used as the bench mark against which future belt cycles will be measured.

As belt conditions change, the EagleEye® system analyses every new incident and automatically assigns it a rating corresponding to its severity, together with a date and position reference. Using the pre-set damage level facility, EagleEye® can automatically stop the belt or just sound a warning signal, depending on the severity of the damage and the values you have previously determined will require alarm or action.

Through Virtual Private Network (VPN) access or satellite remote access, data is downloaded and analysed. The report generated is sent to users, advising them of the extent of the damage, and pinpointing its location on the belt with a precision measured in millimetres. This remote monitoring capability enables you to generate a report at any time without even visiting the site. It features a battery backup for controlled power downs and a managed Ethernet switch for controlled data transfer.

Eagle Eye is part of DigitalHub, our digital intelligence platform that connects the iBelt technology tools and data sources to our applications. It allows you to understand real-time predictions and performance of your assets and effectively plan for maintenance activities.

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