Conveyor Inspections

Inspecting your system for condition and performance.
Offering full conveyor or component audits - tailored to your specific requirements.

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Conveyor Inspections/Audits

Conveyor Inspections, Component Inspections and Audits

Fenner offers full conveyor inspections, as well as specific component inspections or audits tailored to your specific requirements. We inspect all areas of your system for condition and performance including: rolls and idlers; skirting; belt cleaners; conveyor belt and tracking; pulleys and bearings; drives; guarding and electrical systems; as well as all steel structures. Collected data is compiled into a comprehensive report highlighting and addressing any areas requiring further attention.

Belt mapping

Fenner’s conveyor belt mapping reports give you vital technical data about your conveyor belt to help you with maintenance planning.

Our reports include a summary of any urgent maintenance requirements and include detailed photos of any issues. The reports can be stored securely on the Fenner system ensuring quick access for any authorised person to download.

Whole-of-Life (WOL) cost reports

Without knowing the WOL cost of your conveyor belt, it can be tempting to purchase the equipment with the lowest capital outlay. WOL costs, however, will have a much greater impact on your long-term profitability. In these competitive times, it makes sense to examine the WOL cost of your conveyor belt, and Fenner can help you do that. Using our integrated systems, we can provide you with a set of reports outlining belt life guarantees, $/ton and WOL cost with the ability to highlight areas of high spend for further cost scrutiny.

Root cause investigations

A repair does not necessarily address the root cause of conveyor problems. This is particularly the case with problems caused by human error or a failure of systems and processes. Fenner can investigate the root cause of your conveyor belt problems to prevent reoccurrences.

Please contact Fenner to find out more about conveyor inspections, component inspections and audits.