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KordFlex® Conveyor Belt

Premium Aramid reinforced straight-warp carcass

Fenner Conveyors' revolutionary concept in straight-warp conveyor belting. KordFlex® uses a high-tensile, extremely low-stretch Aramid carcass.

Like Steel Cord, Aramid fibres offer high tenacity, low elongation, and good thermal stability. But unlike Steel Cord, Aramid retains low density, chemical and fatigue resistance, and the positive handling qualities of synthetic fibre.

We use heavy-weight straight yarns in parallel planes – lengthwise and crosswise. The carcass binder like is a built-in breaker that resists impact and puncture.

Carcass weight reduction of more than 70% compared to steel cord

Especially useful in weight sensitive, high abrasion, high tension applications, the KordFlex® carcass can be combined with any of Fenner Conveyors' premium cover compounds. When using KordFlex® in place of existing Steel Cord belting it can result in a carcass weight reduction of more than 70%.

Greater ‘available cover’ life

The transition from a Steel Cord belt to a KordFlex® belt also offers economic benefits by having greater ‘available cover’ life. This is due to the fact that the covers can be worn down much closer to the carcass without significantly compromising its impact, tear or tensile strength, providing a minimum additional 2mm of usable cover.

In our preliminary site trials, when combined with Fenner Conveyors' UltraTuff abrasion resistant cover compound, KordFlex® has outperformed Steel Cord belts used in short-cycle balance machine applications:

  • Longer belt life in tough service
  • Low stretch belt approaching steel cord specifications for take up travel
  • Lighter weight belt that results in a greater energy savings per tonne conveyed
  • Less downtime due to faster splice compared to steel cord
  • Greater rip, tear and impact resistance
  • Excellent load support, trough ability and tracking
  • Longitudinal rip resistance more than five times of the equivalent rated multi-ply belts and steel cord belts
  • KordFlex® allows for the use of mechanical fasteners for 'break-in'. For situations where downtime means lost production, this is a valuable option.

Available in single and dual ply construction up to ST2300.


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Contact us or your local Fenner Conveyors branch for more information.