CordScan 24/7 Monitoring System.
Continuous monitoring of splice and steel cord condition, as well as on-demand reporting.

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Our CordScan system enables the continuous monitoring of splice and cord condition, with warning and alarm levels to identify critical cord damage and/or splice movement/damage in steel cord belting. Steel cord belt condition monitoring is achieved by measuring magnetic flux leakage (MFL) from cords and comparing trending data from each belt cycle.

It is easily integrated into site PLC/SCADA controls to provide the ability to stop at any selected splice, cord damage or belt length location, and to position the belt wherever required. This delivers significant benefits to maintenance planners and repairers by reducing time required to position belting.

CordScan is part of DigitalHub, our digital intelligence platform that connects the iBelt technology tools and data sources to our applications. It allows you to understand real-time predictions and performance of your assets and effectively plan for maintenance activities.

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