Wireless Conveyor Monitoring System

Wireless RTD and digital field monitoring equipment.
Our innovative ACE™ wireless system simplifies conveyor monitoring.

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Wireless Conveyor Monitoring System

Our innovative ACE® wireless system simplifies conveyor monitoring.

RTD and digital field monitoring equipment can be wired to a local access point that wirelessly communicates their status to a PLC - removing the need for numerous hard-wired PLC connections.

Our easy-to-install and reliable system can incorporate field devices such as belt wander and blocked chute switches, temperature and limit switches.

Wireless monitoring is particularly suited to mobile conveyor equipment, and monitoring temperature and belt wander sensors on loop take-up mobile carriages. Just one transmitter unit can transmit the status of eight pulley-bearing temperature sensors and four belt wander switches.

The transmitter can be configured to transmit at periodic intervals to the PLC - adjustable from 1 to 60 seconds.

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